A new beginning: Alessia and Artur’s Seychelles honeymoon shoot at the Four Seasons Resort

It was with immense pleasure that we made our way to the beautiful shores of our most-loved Seychelles islands, where the newlywed couple Alessia and Artur awaited us at the excquisite Four Seasons Resort Seychelles for their honeymoon shoot by the beach.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles.

Located in the Southwestern Coast of Mahe Island in Baie Lazare District, the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is perfectly burrowed between the beautiful seashores of Petite Anse (literally translated to “little beach”) and the lavish and iconic mountainous landscape that is the South of Mahe Island. Named after the French explorer Lazare Picault, Baie Lazare District is rich in history and culture. In fact, it is opposite the shorelines of Baie Lazare that his expedition lay anchor upon their arrival to the islands.

Our newlywed couple Alessia, from Italy, and Artur, from Spain, contacted usLuminair studio, for their honeymoon shoot while they enjoyed a tropical getaway Seychelles holiday after their wedding celebrations in Florence, Italy.

Alessia and Artur’s Seychelles honeymoon shoot.

The setting for the honeymoon shoot was incredibly welcoming. It was on a beautiful afternoon with a cloudless, insanely blue sky and a calm beach with tiny little waves crashing gracefully on the shores that we had the honor of capturing the married couple as they so naturally savored every minute of newly married life in paradise.

When you are in love, it’s all butterflies yet everything comes easily at the same time. When having a couples shoot, there are certain moments to look out for and make sure you capture. It could be anything from a random laugh between the couple, a sudden kiss or a loving stare.

The best thing about our lovely newlyweds was that they were so embraced in one another that it was almost as if they had forgotten that there was a photographer in their presence. Those are truly the best kinds of couples’ shoots because you are genuinely simply capturing the moment while the newlyweds simply enjoy each other’s presence. The loving couple shared jokes and giggles while strolling the white-sanded beach hand in hand. There were precious exchanges of loving looks between them while they Artur playfully stroked Alessia’s sun-kissed face or fiddled with strands of his wife’s hair as it blew effortlessly with the gentle breeze. The beautiful weather provided a picturesque backdrop which resulted in great photos for the couple.

As always, Seychelles never fails when it comes to unforgettable memories of a tropical getaway. The honeymoon shoot was a great fun-filled, success from beginning to end and we thank Alessia and Artur for granting us the pleasure of shooting their Seychelles honeymoon.

Alessia and Artur, we wish you all the love and happiness in your newly married life!!