Sanjana and Julien

      The engagement Sanjana and Julien

      We were honoured that Sanjana and Julien chose Luminair Studio for their engagement shoot, which took place at Tamarin Bay, Mauritius.

      Tamarin Bay is situated in Tamarin, next to Black River, on the west coast of Mauritius. Tamarin Beach is located near the coastal village of Tamarin, in the western part of Mauritius. This is one of the many beautiful beaches of Mauritius situated in the district of Black River. The beach is somewhat unique with its black sand, wide stretches and roaring waves rolling in from open waters.


      The above being said, it’s pretty easy to see why they chose this spot for the shoot.

      Sanjana and Julien are a perfect reflection of the beauty that is the Mauritian wedding. Mauritius is home to a colourful fusion of different cultures, which makes it interestingly difficult to characterize what we can call a typical Mauritian wedding.  For instance, in our experience as engagement and wedding photographers, we at Luminair Studio have had the pleasure of experiencing various types of weddings, from oriental, to occidental, to destination weddings.


      The most remarkable things about this lovely couple’s engagement shoot was the sense of belonging that they shared with one another. Despite a team of cameras in their presence, the two were so focused on one another, that we hardly had to guide them as to how to pose, where to look, or what to do. In the end, the pictures all spoke for themselves.


      The engagement photos turned out to be amazing-the couple was so at ease with one another, and on the few occasions that they did feel nervous, all we needed to do was remind them to be themselves-that, and act like they were the only two people there.

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