We hope to have enticed you with last week’s feature article about engagement shoots and why they are such a great addition to your wedding journey. Further to that, we at luminair studio would like to share some tips to make your engagement shoot more relax, enjoyable and successful.

      Tips for your engagement shoot

      1. Act natural. Basically, just be yourself, and don’t overthink your poses. Act like you would if it were just the two of you in that setting, keep it relaxed, and focus on your better half.
      2. Don’t focus only on the camera, unless you are guided to do so by the photographer. Like we mentioned above, the focus should be on your partner, so eye contact should be with them. The story is based on the two of you and making eye contact with one another will help you to connect for the engagement shoot.
      3. Don’t let your arms hang. Rather, hold hands, or wrap them around one another.
      4. Don’t forget to move around, rather than remaining too still. It’s all about going with the flow and mood of the moment, don’t be afraid to try poses-it’s more natural than remaining frozen in one position.
      5. Keep interacting with your partner throughout the engagement shoot-this will help create a more natural atmosphere, keep a light and positive connection flowing throughout!
      7. Most of all, Don’t forget to have fun!

      Our word of advice for engagement shoots: Allow your emotions to show and if nerves threaten to take over, just remind yourselves that you’re getting married and the best is yet to come! To contact us, please click here.